Coyote in Early Morning Twilight

My neighbor Ben took this photo on his way to work yesterday morning.  It’s a bit fuzzy, but that is a coyote in the middle of our street.  Possibly it is a member of the pack of which I posted photos from my backyard earlier this year.

Coyote interactions with humans seem to be on the increase.  I have heard a lot of anecdotal evidence lately of people seeing them in DAYLIGHT walking down the middle of their street.  That is probably a sign that these animals are getting more and more comfortable with humans- not a good thing if we want to avoid confrontations.

Just this past week here at work, a coyote was roaming the grounds during the day.  A few coworkers claim that the coyote was stalking them, although I’d have to see that to believe it.  Unfortunately for the coyote, it was captured and will likely be euthanized.

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  1. I’ve seen one walking around a suburban neighborhood in Tucson in broad daylight, and my parents see them around their neighborhood east of Phoenix during the day regularly.

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