Bald Eagle in the Sun

During my regular Friday morning hike down to the river from our house, I spotted this Bald Eagle.  When the sun is shining, the light reflecting off of an eagle’s bright white head is hard to miss.

It was perched above the river, no doubt looking for a meal.

  1. Great sighting Mike! They do stick out like a sore thumb don’t they? I saw a pair on my way to work the other day, just a few miles from my house. I will be watching to see if they build a nest along the creek this winter.

    More Bald Eagle excitement for me this year will be taking photos of the pair of celebrity eagles we have nesting in Redding. They have finished a bridge over the Sacramento River that includes a walking path that gives perfect views of the eagles nest at Turtle Bay. I witnessed the pair bringing in sticks to refurbish the nest the other day. Just waiting for good weather to get some photos.

  2. …you must have been so excited. They’ve just started appearing regularly in our area in the last five years or so. I love it when I see one. Great captures!!

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