The Titanic Banana Slug

Today in the woods behind the house I found this Banana Slug- the “poster” animal for Slugyard (see the banner above)!  Unlike most other slugs we find in the yard, this one is a northwest native.  They grow to be from 5 to 10 inches long and are a sight to see.

Like the snail I posted about before, slugs have four antennae with simple eyes at the ends of the top two.

They also have a large breathing hole, as seen here.

You can practically feel the slime through the screen, can’t you?

Camera Critters

  1. The slug in this pic isn’t nearly as slimy as some of the slugs I have encountered — which can often leave a long trail of evidence so everyone knows which plant it has been eating.

    I have always wondered — what is the purpose of the slime these creatures leave behind? Does it help them digest food or offer some type of protection from the elements?

    Great pictures and information. Thanks Slugyard!

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