Empty Nesters

The leaves are falling revealing things to see that were hidden before.  Goat Island is in the Willamette River below our house.  It is a well-known Great Blue Heron rookery (or place where lots of them get together to nest).

During the nesting season, blue herons are all over the place here and you can hear their young calling out loudly for their parents.  Although they have left this area until next season, we can now see the nests that were hidden behind the leaves (cottonwoods, I believe).

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ANY birds around right now.  Judging by its red tail, this is likely a Red-Tailed Hawk.  As I’ve posted about before, hawks are normally hard to identify but the red tail is a pretty good clue.

  1. Great post Mike. I always look for nests in the fall after the leaves have fallen. It gives me ideas of where to find nesting birds the following Spring. Nice shot of the Red-tailed Hawk too. I hope we’re going to see some Great Blue Heron photos in the spring!

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