Scorpions Aren’t Always Poisonous

My friend Beth found this critter in her house in Arizona.  It is a scorpion!

We don’t have scorpions (that I know of) here in western Oregon, although the National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Pacific Northwest says that there are scorpions east of the Cascade Mountains.  They are apparently harmless to humans though.

But what about this one?  According to a University of Arizona website,

Only one of the 30 species of scorpions found in Arizona is regarded as life-threatening: the Bark Scorpion (Centruroides exilicauda). It may be distinguished from other less toxic species by its more slender tail segments and pincers. Reaching only an inch and a half at maturity, it is a comparatively small scorpion.

Beth says that this one is about 2″ long, so hopefully it isn’t the Bark Scorpion.

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  1. Um, yes, I think I can survive without scorpions. I’ve actually been to Mexico many times, and to Arizona a few times, and have never seen a scorpion. However, the last time we were in Arizona, something bit my arm while I slept. In the morning, it hurt, and an hour later it was very sore and swollen. Never found out what it was, but assuming a small spider, definitely something smaller than a scorpion, even the inch-and-a-half one.

    Kay, Alberta

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