Rhododendron Leafhopper

This leafhopper was jumping around on one of my rhododendrons.  As I approached it with my camera, it would literally hop to another leaf.

I couldn’t figure out what kind of leafhopper this was at first.  It wasn’t in any of my guide books.  Let’s take a closer look.

After searching on Bugguide.net, I figured out that this is actually a Rhododendron Leafhopper!  According to UKSafari, these bugs feed on the sap from the rhododendron leaves.  They lay their eggs in the buds and when they hatch in the spring, the new leafhoppers also feed on the sap.  This happens to be a decently sized rhododendron, so I’ll have to check this plant out again in the spring to see if they are still there.

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