UPDATED- Bug Nymph in a Fine Mess

This strange creature was hanging out on my neighbor Al’s blueberry plant a couple of weeks ago.

UPDATED- I thought it looked like another katydid nymph.  Click on the link and take a look.  Other than the obvious color differences, the hind legs are clearly not the same.  This one is likely still a nymph (immature- not an adult), but it is probably destined to be a true bug of some sort.

Is it leaning over the edge just to take in a nice view?

I don’t think so.  Take a look at its hind legs.  See the white stuff wrapped around them?  It looks like this insect has gotten itself caught in a spider web.

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    1. After doing more research, I think I made a mistake on this ID. It is a nymph of some sort, but not a katydid like the one I linked to above. The hind legs are definitely different. It looks more like a leaf-footed or other true bug nymph.

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