Western Thatching Ants with Prey

These Western Thatching Ants were trying very hard to get this dead insect back to their nest, which is an above-ground mound of dead plants.

According to Washington State University Extension Bulletin 0929, these ants are considered beneficial since they eat so many other insects.  The Bulletin also says:

An interesting phenomenon demonstrated by thatching ants, as well as other ants, is the habit of “herding” and maintaining aphid colonies on trees, shrubbery, and weeds.

Think about that.  Is this any different than humans and cows?  The ants have aphid farms!

Camera Critters

  1. Heh, you’re the second ant story on the Camera Critter meme today… but I do think they are a fascinating bug, our best example of team work and hard work! You got a great macro of them… I enlarged it as far as it would go.

  2. Stunning macro! I admit to spending time watching ants at work, moving enormous food pieces back to the nest. I have a friend in Arizona who feeds the black ants that nest in her alley, so they stick around and consume the ground termites!

  3. I am pretty sure that the other insect the ant is carrying is… another ant, a really big one. I can tell by what looks like elbowed antennae.

    Nice action shot, ants are not easy to photograph.

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