Something Happened Here…

WARNING – the photos in this post might seem a bit disgusting to some readers, especially if you are squeamish about vomit and half-eaten critters.  Consider yourself forewarned!

This past weekend there was a mess on the sidewalk in front of our neighbor’s house.  This was pile #1.  The ants have obviously already gotten to it and are looking for food to bring back to their home.  The big white curved shapes look like bones of some sort- I’m not sure.

A couple of feet away was pile #2.  The Green Bottle Fly might be searching for a place to lay some eggs (more coming from this insect in a Slugyard post later in the week).  The dark areas look like maybe some sort of hairy mess?  Again – I’m not sure.

A couple more feet down the sidewalk was…

…THIS.  Half of a mouse.

What happened here?  What animal did this?

I’m not sure.  The two piles look like something regurgitated (thrown up!) by an animal.  Owls routinely do this- they eat animals whole and vomit up pellets.  Pellets are made of the parts they can’t digest like bones, feathers, fur, etc.  I can see what looks like fur and bones in the piles, but I didn’t think that owl pellets had so much slime around them.

Any ideas?  And why would an animal remove the mouse head but not eat the rest?

A good nature mystery…

    1. You could be right, Anne. The thought had crossed my mind, but it seemed strange to me that a cat would have eaten bones.

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