Honey Bees and Clover- Perfect Together

Here a Honey Bee is gathering nectar from a clover flower (for more photos of Honey Bees, click here.  For a great description of Queen Honey Bees, check this link out).  This is exactly where most of the honey that you get at stores comes from- Honey Bees and clover.

The clover shown above is White Clover and we see it everywhere.  It comes from Europe and is invading just about every lawn.  Even though many people don’t like to see it and consider it a weed, it is actually very healthy for soils since it puts nutrients back into the ground.

The clover flowers in the photo above are Red Clovers, or some sort of hybrid between red and white.

Where did the name “clover” come from?  Hint- it comes from a Latin word meaning “club”.  According to Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Jim Pojar and Andy MacKinnon, the name “clover” comes from the way clover leaves look like clubs on playing cards.  Who knew?

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  1. Your macros are amazing, you’ve captured well all details on this hairy, little bee. Interesting story too, about the name of the clover, I didn’t know it.

  2. I love the way clover looks so dainty and delicate up close. As an always barefoot child, I walked through clover many times. I remember how well those honey bees and clover go together. 😉

  3. Those white clover with the honeybee are great! There are three types of round flowered clover – the white, the red, and alsike. The last is the one that looks like a combination – red clover type leaves, and white clover coloured flowers. I like the lawn being taken over by clover, because it does not brown off in the heat, the way grass does when you do not water it.

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