Giant Tadpoles

The Willamette River is low this time of year since it doesn’t rain much here in western Oregon in the summer (as opposed to the other 9 months a year!).  When the river goes down it leaves little pools along some of its rocky shores.  The tadpoles above were two of about a hundred living in one of these pools in Mary S. Young State Park down the road from our house.  These soon-to-be frogs were HUGE- several inches long.

Unfortunately, that means they are probably bullfrogs which are not native here.  Bullfrog tadpoles can push out other native frog tadpoles.  Even worse, adult bullfrogs EAT other frogs (along with almost anything else that they can fit in their mouth).  So, with a rise in the number of bullfrogs comes a big decrease in the numbers of native frogs.  Keep that in mind if you are ever tempted to grab a bullfrog tadpole and bring it home to your own pond.

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