Cross Spiders are harmless

This is a Cross Spider or Cross Orbweaver, otherwise known as a European Garden Spider.  It gets its name from the white cross shape on its abdomen.  Do you see it in the picture?  The Cross Spider sits in its orb web until something it can eat flies into it.  This one is either a male or a female without eggs.  Females can get quite large with eggs inside their body

Once food flies in, the spider grabs it with its two fangs.  In this photo, they can be seen as the two points extending from the spider’s head.  These have venom in them and the spider will inject the venom into its prey.  But do not worry- Cross Spider venom cannot harm a human and these spiders are not known to bite people.

If you have them in your yard, be happy.  They eat a lot of other bugs, many of whom might bite you or eat your plants.

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