Bald Eagle with a Haunting Cry

We were lucky again last night and this beautiful bird paid us a visit.  It was perched high atop a Douglas Fir tree looking out over the Willamette River.  According to Birds of Prey (a Peterson Field Guide for Young Naturalists- a book my kids love), bald eagles like to sit with an unobstructed view of water to look for fish to eat.  After a few minutes, this one swooped down.  Unfortunately, it left our view quickly so if it dove for fish we could not see it.

It was calling out quite a bit.  Bald eagles have a haunting call- it is loud, and the Peterson guide calls it a “harsh cackle”.  It certainly sounds unique.

While it was up there, it was bothered a lot by a group of crows.  But, unlike the red-tailed hawk we saw a couple of weeks ago, this eagle barely seemed to notice them.

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